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Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY


Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute (MGMCRI)

A constituent college of

Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV), PUDUCHERRY



Patient care services offered.​

Orthopedic Department is a well regarded department in whole of Puducherry and Tamilnadu region for its services. The OPD is located in the B- Block, Ground floor of the Hospital. The department is rich in its facilities in providing operative and non-operative care, with ample number of inpatient beds distributed among general wards, semi deluxe and deluxe rooms. It is one of the department with strong infrastructure consisting of high tech arthroscopy, arthroplasty and minimally invasive spine surgery equipments along with image intensifier. We are strong enough to tackle any complicated cases with plenty number of doctors, nurses and supporting staff to provide high quality emergency and outpatient services. We collaborate with physiotherapy and pain team to provide complete package for the patients. We address all the major and minor bone related ailments. Our emergency musculoskeletal and trauma care runs 24×7 on all days to attend all the emergency cases.

We run the following speciality clinic

Arthroscopy clinic

With the young population being more involved in sports, ligamentous injuries around the knee are very common. If tackled at the early stages by our keyhole arthroscopic surgeries, these patients return to normal within no time at all.

Elderly patients are often plagued with age related shoulder pain known as Periarthritis of shoulder that hinders their day to day activities. Shoulder arthroscopy provides maximum results with shorter duration of hospital stay, minimal scar, and Less pain.

We also provide arthroscopic surgeries for recurrent shoulder dislocations, hip joint, Pathology, etc.

Paediatric Orthopaedic Clinic

This clinic caters to children who are born with deformities or the ones that develop deformities with age. Treatment for these are case specific and range from simple pop casting to surgeries.

Arthroplasty Clinic

With the mean age of the population increasing, there is an increase In the incidence of age related osteoarthritis. If identified in the early stages, and with appropriate lifestyle modifications and exercises, the need for surgery can be deferred to a later date. Of late, total hip replacement surgery is being performed for young patients with hip pathology to reduce the morbidity associated with the disease.

Spine clinic

For people with low back ache is a common problem affecting the general population. Spinal deformity is commonly seen among the children . Through our speciality clinic we provide advanced minimally invasive spine surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, spinal deformity correction, etc.

Hand clinic

Hand injuries are commonly seen in industrial workers, road traffic accidents, etc. Even a Trivial trauma can cause major disability with regards to the hand. Hence, hand injuries are not to be neglected and provide better outcomes when treated at the earliest.

Outreach activities

We are in a high ranked position strong enough to provide competency to any  other hospital in maintaining outreach activities by conducting camps in remote areas and extending our services to the needy. People of interest to conduct camps in their areas are invited to contact us through the hospital outreach camp coordinator.

Notable Consultants

Dr. Nanda Kumar R

Dr Subramanian Arumugam

Dr Vishnu Harikrishnan
M.S Orthopaedics