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  Admission Open for MBBS Program


Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute

Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute

A Unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University)

Accredited by NAAC with highest A++ Grade

Ranked 77 among Universities by NIRF 2023

A UGC Category 1 Higher Education Institution

Accredited by


Nirf 2023 among Medical

47 Rank

Nirf 2023 among universities

77 Rank


Students’ Discipline

It is needless to state that maintaining discipline is of the utmost important factor to any organization to perform well. It is very important with respect to medical institutions where sick/diseased people are to be treated with the best possible care. The college believes that without good discipline it would not be possible to win academic laurels. Hence, the students are instructed to maintain strict discipline in activities on and off-campus.

Any student found guilty of ragging (any kind of physical or mental harassment) and Bullying will be expelled forthwith from the college and would be handed over to police depending upon the offense committed.

Students indulging in Eve-teasing will be expelled forthwith.

SMOKING AND DRINKING are prohibited inside the campus/hostels.

The cleanliness of the campus is important. Students should discard the garbage only in the dustbins provided and should not spit on the walls and floor. Students responsible for the loss or damage to the institute property will be severely punished.

  • Students are required to maintain not only good academic progress but also a high degree of discipline in the campus. For this, they are required to give due respect to the faculty, staff and other elders.
  • Students have to be patient and kind while dealing with patients.
  • Students need to maintain a cordial relationship with others especially teachers, seniors, and patients maintaining harmony in a multicultural environment.
  • Students have to be punctual for all theory, practical, clinical postings, and experiments, laboratory besides meeting, connected with academics and research.
  • Students can use cell phones or Laptops in the college only for academic purpose when directed by faculty.
  • Students need to wear coats when in the college and hospital campus.
  • Students have to maintain an eco-friendly campus. Conservation of energy by switching off fans and lights when not in use is also a responsibility of the students.

Dress Code

MGMCRI is a professional medical school. Although the students are not doctors yet, we and the general public expect them to conduct themselves in a manner that is expected of physicians. This also applies to personal grooming and the dress worn in classes and in public places on campus and while in hospitals and other health facilities. The intention of the dress code is to contribute to the overall professional development.

What is appropriate and what is not is clarified below

  • All students should wear Uniforms up to Semester 5th as approved by the institute.
  • ID Card to be worn at all times.
  • Finger Nails to be neat and trimmed.
  • Male students must be in clean and well-groomed, must wear pressed uniforms with a white apron and Formal footwear (only to be worn).
  • Jeans, T-shirts, and clothing with inappropriate slogans are unacceptable.
  • No Earrings / Bangles to be worn without religious or cultural purposes.

Female students must be in clean, well-pressed Uniform with a white apron

  • Tight clothing is not permitted.
  • Hair to be well combed and not let loose.
  • T-shirts, jeans and tight leggings with short Kurtas are not acceptable.
  • Finger Nails to be neat and trimmed.