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MRD Personnel

Job Descriptions for Medical Record Officer:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To establish, organize, and manage a medical record department with appropriate systems to provide an effective service in the hospital.
  • To develop policies and procedures relating to the medical record of department in accordance with the Health Directorate / Ministry of Health.
  • To assist the medical record committee in the design and development of different forms required for hospital use.
  • To review the medical records of outpatients, admitted patients, and emergency patients to ensure that they include all important documents and pertinent information.
  • To cooperate with the medical, nursing , and other staff persons in competing patient medical records.
  • To participate and assist in quality assurance, utilization review, infection control, and other committees and programs.
  • To prepare and maintain medical reports, medical certificates, and birth and death registers and to notify concerned authorities any suggestions for improvements.
  • To observe professional ethics and to protect the confidentiality of information from
  • Unauthorized persons: to keep medico legal records under sage custody and to attend court whenever required.
  • To participate and assist in research programs to develop new methods and procedures for improving administrative activities and financial control.
  • To select appropriate personnel for the medical record department and train them for performing their jobs efficiently.
  • To prepare and carry out educational and training programs such as certificates, diplomas, and degrees for medical record personnel.
  • To accept the responsibility for the safe preservation of patient property during hospitalization.
  • To effectively carry out registration systems and to control the movement of patient files in order to achieve a unit record.
  • To introduce computer services for the effective function of the outpatient, inpatient, and emergency registration systems to collect clinical and administrative statistics.
  • To supply patient files in accordance with the established procedures for medical
  • care, medical education, medical training, medical care evaluation management, and legal purpose.
  • To maintain and protect medical records in accordance with the policies relating to preservation and destruction.
  • To cooperate with the medical, nursing, heads of departments, patients, health agencies, other hospitals, and legal authorities for smooth and efficient functioning of the medical record department in particular.
  • To supervise the work of the medical record department staff, medical secretaries, and medical transcriptions.
  • To participate in educational programs such as seminars, workshops, and conferences related to the medical record profession.
  • To carry out any other duties and functions related to medical record services as instructed by the immediate chief.

Job Descriptions for Medical Record Technician

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To carry out technical analysis and evaluation of medical records in accordance with hospital standards.
  • To collect medical, administrative, and other statistics required by the hospital and to provide health information for planning by the hospital and to provide health information for planning and evaluation of health care is the color assigned to the digit 4, a chart numbered 1694 84 in a terminal digit file is color coded with a brown band on top, with a green band directly beneath it.