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The orthopaedic department commenced in 2001with Dr M.N. Kumar and has existed since the inception of the college. Dr Kumar developed the department initially and popularised it not only in Puducherry but in the surrounding regions of Tamil Nadu as well. The outpatient department, inpatient admissions, as well as major and minor surgeries grew steadily under his care.

Later Prof. K.R. Thyagarajan took over as the head of the department of orthopaedics, in December 2002. Prof. K.R. Thyagarajan brought with him years of teaching experience and under his tutelage clinical and academic activities blossomed.

Dr Krishnagopal joined the department in September 2002 and specialises in Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Injuries. He was deputed to undergo training in arthroscopic surgery from January to September 2003, under the auspices of the Indian Arthroscopic Academy. This included an overseas tenure as well.

Dr V. Veerappan joined the department in October 2003 and specialises in Spine Surgery. He has completed a fellowship in spine surgery from Mumbai.

Professor S.N.Mothilal joined the department in August 2007. An able teacher he brings with him years of Post Graduate teaching experience from the Government Hospital and Madras Medical College, Chennai.

Since its inception the department has grown steadily and has come to be well regarded in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu for its uncompromising standard in clinical care, undergraduate and post graduate teaching, research and academic activities.

The department provides special skills in Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement), Arthroscopy ( key Hole surgery), Spine Surgery , Paediatric orthopaedics, Limb Reconstruction and management of complex trauma.


Departmental library

The department has a well stocked library and reading room.

The departmental library includes over 85 books such as

  1. Campbells Operative Orthopaedics 4 volumes
  2. Rockwood and Green Fractures in Adults- 2 volumes
  3. Rockwood and Wilkins Fractures in Children  
  4. Turek – Principles of Orthopaedics and their Applications
  5. Mercers Orthopaedics
  6. Apleys Textbook of Orthopadics
  7. Greens textbook of hand surgery- 2 volumes
  8. Tulli- Skeletal tuberculosis

Special equipment

  • C arm for trauma and spine surgery
  • Spinal surgical instruments
  • Arthroscopic surgical instruments
  • Splints and rehabilitation equipment
  • Routine trauma and elective surgical equipment

The department has a physiotherapy department allied to it with facilities such as wax bath, Short wave diathermy, interferential therapy, ultrasound therapy.

All faculty and students are encouraged to be computer literate and familiar in word processor and power point skills.

The department has appropriate consulting rooms, faculty rooms and examination rooms.  A plaster room with a well trained plaster technician is attached to the OPD.

The department also has a information communication room with a printer and computer.


The department provides musculoskeletal and trauma services to patients from Puducherry and neighbouring districts of Tamil Nadu.

Out patient Department
The out patient department provides daily OPD services on all working days.  The patients are seen by the consultants and senior faculty. The undergraduate students are given cases and taught clinical examination skills. The post graduate students are taught OPD skills under the supervision of the senior faculty. The department encourages interaction and discussion between the faculty and students.

Emergency Services 
The department of orthopaedics provides twenty four hour emergency musculoskeletal and trauma care on all days throughout the year. Cases are provided first aid, appropriate plasters and splints, wounds dressed and sutured and emergency admissions made. Emergency services are provided round the clock for patients with serious injuries including emergency operations.

Health camp
The department conducts regular health camps in the surrounding areas. Free check up, medication and local care is provided to appropriate cases. Patients with serious or severe problems are referred to the main Hospital.

The department also conducts regular Osteoporosis screening camps where individuals at risk are identified and given appropriate advice and treatment.

Inpatient services

The department provides inpatient services to male, female and paediatric age group patients on separate wards.

Special and deluxe rooms are available in addition to patients who desire their services.

Special clinics

The department runs special clinics which are

  1. Arthritis clinic 
    Patients with joint pains are seen and appropriately investigated. Appropriate advice from simple lifestyle modifications to advice on joint replacements is made.
  2. Spine clinic
    The spine clinic reviews people with simple and complex spinal problems including deformities. Appropriate diagnostic and management modalities are adapted, and has helped in making the department a referral centre for spine surgeries. 
  3. Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine.
    Here patients with sports injuries and soft tissue problems are seen and diagnosed. Advanced investigations such as MRI are requested if necessary.
    Appropriate treatment ranging from simple physiotherapy to advice regarding arthroscopic surgery is made.
  4. Osteoporosis
    Here screening and advice to population at risk is made.
  5. Paediatric clinics
    Here children with club foot, polio, cerebral palsy and other congenital and childhood disorders are seen and treated.
    The department has improved the awareness about musculoskeletal conditions and is primarily responsible for management of musculoskeletal problems in the area as well as being a tertiary care centre.   


The department consists of three units.  Each unit is headed by a Professor and includes Associate and Assistant Professors as well as junior and senior residents.

Each unit has its own sub speciality.

Unit I
Professor and Head of Orthopaedics                Dr. S. N. Mothilal
Associate Professor                                              Dr. Nanda Kumar
Assistant Professor                                               Dr. Ravichandran
Assistant Professor                                               Dr. Abhishek K. M                            
Sub speciality - Arthroplasty, Paediatric Orthopaedics and Infection.

Unit II
Professor                                                               Dr. K. R. Thyagarajan
Associate Professor                                            Dr. V. Veerappan
Senior Resident                                                   Dr. Kathiravun         
Sub speciality - Spine and complex trauma

Unit III
Professor                                                                 Dr.Padmaksha
Associate Professor                                              Dr Krishnagopal
Assistant Professor                                               Dr Surendhara
Sub speciality - Arthroscopy, Sports medicine and complex trauma.


Post Graduates

The department has an intake of 3 M.S. Ortho and 2 D.ortho students yearly.

The student teacher ratio is maintained at 1:1 as per standardised procedure.

The PG students undergo supervised training in managing emergencies, elective and emergency surgical procedures, managing patients in the outpatient department and ward based duties.

The students undergo a teaching programme each afternoon in the form of weekly departmental meetings, symposium and seminar presentation, journal club review, clinical presentation and interdepartmental meetings and reviews.

The post graduate students are encouraged to attend regional, state and national level conferences and workshops.
The faculty and PG students make regular presentations at these meetings.

The department encourages publications by the faculty and students in peer reviewed journals.


The department provides regular theoretical and clinical teaching for the undergraduate students. Theory classes are held by the faculty using modern power point systems. The under graduate students are taught basic clinical skills by interactive bedside teaching.

The department conducts examinations in Orthopaedics as part of the final year surgical paper.

From time to time the department organises guest lectures and orations by renowned faculty from the region and beyond.

Workshop on topics like Arthroplasty (Joint replacement), Arthroscopy and spine have been conducted and eminent faculty including Dr David Rajan, Dr Gurava Reddy and Dr Bose attended.

Notably the department has been instrumental in organising the Pondicherry orthopaedic Association which is a state forum for guest lectures and case discussions in the state.

The department also successfully organised OASIS 2008 and OASIS ICL 2009 which were well attended  and received by by practicing orthopaedic surgeons and students from south India.

During their training PG students rotate through different units learning different skills. The post graduates undergo teaching in the form of departmental meetings, case presentations, journal clubs, interdepartmental meetings, symposium and hospital death and audit meetings. The performance of the students is recorded in a log book.

The students also undergo monthly tests, and evaluation of their performance is recorded for internal assessment. A strict faculty to student ratio of 1:1 is maintained. Each PG is allotted a faculty mentor who meets with students periodically.

The department employs a unique 360 degree appraisal system for trainers and trainees with frequent appraisals.


The theory teaching activities for the students are carried out in spacious and comfortable air- conditioned lecture halls.

Audiovisual aids are used. All teaching employs modern methods of audio visual presentation.

The undergraduate students are taught practical skills in bedside clinics. Cases are discussed including history taking, examination skills and management of musculoskeletal disorders.

The undergraduates are examined periodically in both theoretical and practical skills with internal assessment being an important part of final assessment.

Students whose performance falls short of minimum standards receives periodical feedback. Special tutorials are organised for stragglers if necessary.


  • Dr.Krishna Gopal attended NTTC Programme at JIPMER in February 2006.
  • Dr.Veerappan attended Spinal Surgery training at Mumbai April/May 2007.
  • Dr.Veerappan attended Teacher Training course conducted by our institute
  • Dr. Krishna Gopal Organising Secretary OASISCON-2008 was awarded for being the Youngest Organising Secretary & best conducted conference in the subsequent OASISCON 2009 at  Kochi.


The department encourages research. Both faculty and students are part of research activities. The department has completed a thesis on the evaluation of Proximal Femoral Nailing vs Dynamic Hip Screw for unstable intertrochanteric fractures. This was carried out by Dr Ramkumar ( PG), Prof K.R.Thyagarjan ( Guide), Dr V.Veerappan ( Associate Professor).

Other ongoing projects include

  1. Functional outcome of Lumbar Spondylolisthesis fixed by Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion ( PLIF) - Dr Muthumanickam
  2. Functional outcome of Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using Bone Patellar Tendon Bone graft - Dr Vamsi
  3. Functional outcome of  Cemented Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty in Elderly - Dr Lionel
  4. Functional outcome of Fenestration Discectomy - Dr Murali
  5. Autologous Bone marrow injection in simple diaphyseal fractures and its influence on fracture union -  Dr Aditya




The department is structured into 3 units

Unit I

OPD and Emergency duty Ward rounds and PG teaching Operation Theatre
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday

Unit II
OPD and Emergency duty Ward rounds and PG teaching Operation Theatre
Tuesday Wednesday Monday
Friday  Saturday  Thursday

Unit III
OPD and Emergency duty Ward rounds and PG teaching Operation Theatre
Wednesday Monday Tuesday
Saturday  Thursday Friday

The units carry out Sunday duty by rotation.