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Health is wealth. From time immemorial, man has been interested in trying to control disease. It has been truly said that medicine was conceived in sympathy and born out of necessity, and that the first man was the first doctor and the first woman was the first nurse.

Health is defined as a state of complete physical psychological and mental well being and not merely the absence of any disease (WHO). It has become a fact that disease attacks human beings irrespective of age, sex, culture, occupation and other factors.

Scope of Master check-up:
Today world is filled with stress, emotional imbalance, occupational hazards, pollution etc. The situation has become so worse that, health of an individual depends not only on his own self, but also on his adjoining factors and his environment.

In today’s fast moving world, we give less importance to our health until our health is disturbed by some signs and symptoms (or) any disease. Some of us even neglect our own health, even the disturbances are felt. Even though we are aware of the health hazards, we are not much worried about it (or) we do not have enough time to spare for it.

In the above context, it is wiser and more economical to invest in health promotion and disease prevention, rather than to think of walking into a hospital after falling ill.

Keeping the above facts in our minds, our hospital has designed various health care packages that suit the needs of various people of different age groups.

Various packages available in MHC unit:

  1. Basic Health Checkup Package:
    This package includes all basic blood /urine investigations along with Electro cardio gram (E.C.G), ultra sonogram (Abdomen), X-ray chest. Blood investigation includes sugar (fasting and post-parandal), Urea, Creatinine, Lipid profile, Liver function test, Blood haemogram and blood grouping. Urine routine is done.
  2. Executive health checkup package:
    This package includes all basic blood/urine investigations along with Electro Cardio Gram (E.C.G), Ultra Sonogram (Abdomen), X-ray Chest, Tread Mill Test (TMT), Pulmonary Function Test (PFT). Blood investigations include sugar (Fasting and past parandal), Urea, Creatinine, electrolytes, Lipid profile, Liver function test including SGOT, SGPT, AG Ratio, Alkaline phosphatase), Blood grouping and HBsAg. Urine routine is done.
  3. Pre-employment health check-up packages for various companies:
    Pre-employment health checkup is done for the new recruits of various companies. In this package basic blood / urine investigations, Electro cardiogram (E.C.G), X-ray (chest), Pulmonary Function test (PFT), Opthal opinion, E.N.T opinion with Audiometry test is done. This pre employment health package differs from company to company depending on their standardized request.
  4. Annual health checkup packages for various companies:
    According to Industrial Act, annual health check up has become mandatory for each employee. Hence many of the companies and some public sector undertakings like BSNL, Pondicherry University, GAIL India Ltd have empanelled themselves with our hospital for the annual health check up of their employees and families. These packages also differ from company to company based on their request. This package includes basic blood / urine investigations, Electro Cardiogram (E.C.G), X-ray (chest), Ultra sonogram (Abdomen), Tread Mill test (TMT), Pulmonary Function test (PFT), Mammogram, Pap smear test etc.             


  1. To undergo Master Health checkup, a prior appointment needs to be fixed. Appointment can be fixed over the phone (or) in person.
  2. For appointment on phone, call the hospital landline number +91-413-2615449 to 456 and ask for extension 200 (or) to connect to Master Health Checkup Unit on all working days between 8.30 am  and 4 pm and on Saturdays between 8.30 am  12.30 pm.
  3. For appointment in person, the person who needs to visit the hospital (or) OPD, can directly walk into the MHC unit during the working hours (8.30 am and 4.30 pm) on all working days and fix up their appointments.
  4. In the Master Health check up unit, a separate dairy is maintained for prior appointments in which the person’s name, age, sex, telephone number is recorded against the available date and the same is communicated to the person
  5. For Companies and other organizations, the company authorities block a time slot for their employees. A certain number of appointments per day are allotted to the companies, without the checkups for the general public being affected. So both public as well as company appointments go side by side.

Preparations required by the persons undergoing MHC:
Certain preparations are required by the person prior to their appointment at MHC”

  1. The person has to report directly to the Master Health Check (MHC) on 1st   Floor ‘E’ Block by 8.00 am.
  2. The person has to come on empty stomach without consuming any beverages like tea / coffee / milk and/or tender coconut.

If a male is undergoing the treadmill test, he is required to report with a shaven chest and abdomen.

Procedures and routines adopted in MHC:

  • The person undergoing check up at the MHC needs to fill in the information form, opting for the type of health check-up package at the bottom of the form.
  • The filled form is sent to the Medical Records Department (MRD) to create a case sheet.
  • Health check-up fee collected from the patient is sent along with this form / case sheet to the billing section to raise a bill and get the voucher number through the attenders of MHC.
  • Meanwhile, in the sample collection area of MHC unit the person’s blood sample is collected based on the health check-up package opted. A plastic urine container is provided to the person and the urine sample collected after the USG Abdomen is done.
  • The lab technician fills the investigation forms with the number, voucher number. Both the blood and urine samples are sent to the central laboratory and the Blood Bank along with their individual forms through the attenders of the MHC. Again after the person reports back after his/her breakfast, the time when he took his breakfast is noted, so as to take the post parandal blood sample is taken after 2 hours from that time.
  • E.C.G, X-ray (chest) is taken by the respective technicians inside the MHC Unit.
  • The person along with his ECG report, USG (abdomen) report is sent to the junior resident/ medical officer posted in MHC unit. He records the history of the patient, his complaint, Various parameters and decides for any further referral for any specialized departments based on the persisting complaints like ENT, Opthal, Ortho etc. For each package there are different formats in which the medical officer records all these data.
  • If the patient has tread mill test in his package, based on the ECG readings, his blood pressure and other complaints, opinion from the cardiologist for doing the tread Mill is got if necessary, the person undergoes the tread Mill  test in the TMT section of the MHC unit itself.
  • After TMT is completed, the person is referred to other OPD’S if required by the doctor.
  • After this, Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is done in MHC unit by the staff Nurse.
  • After all the tests and investigations are over, the person is sent for lunch and is asked to report back to MHC unit by 2pm.
  • Mean while the blood /urine results are entered in computer in the laboratory and as our systems are interlinked the same can be accessed in the MHC unit.
  • The reports are all entered in the case sheet and other reports like E.C.G, X-ray (chest), U.S.G (Abdomen) TMT, PFT are kept ready for presentation to the consultant.
  • Around 2.15pm, the consultant from the General Medicine department / Cardiology comes to the MHC unit and they examine the person along with the reports of all these tests.
  • They write their comments, prescribe drugs if needed give diet counseling to the persons.
  • The same are typed and all the investigation reports are handed over to the person along with the consultant’s report in a neat carry case bag on the same day.
  • The case sheets of the persons of Master Health checkup are handed over to the patients itself and the company case sheets are stored in MHC unit itself.The person is given a follow –up token which he/she has to bring at the time of follow-up for tracing their case sheets.
  • Approximate time taken for the above procedures is from 8 am to 3.30 pm.