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The Department of Transfusion Medicine (DTM) provides clinical services to support patients in need of blood component therapy, cellular therapy, and specialized laboratory diagnostics. The Blood Transfusion services were set up in the year 2002 (licence number- 02-25-0645) by the institution in a very professional way. This department provides round the clock service ensuring safe and appropriate transfusion for each patient who needs it. The functioning of the Blood Bank right from screening of donors to issue of blood is governed by a Manual of Standard Operating Procedure that incorporates the best practices in the country.

On an average 40 blood donors donate blood every day in the department. The percentage of voluntary blood donors have doubled in the past five years due to continued support of a pool of repeat regular donors, and the department aims to achieve 100% voluntary blood donation in the coming years. Continuous public awareness programs on voluntary blood donation are conducted. The department also organize programs on Clinical transfusion practices for our clinicians under the auspices of the Hospital Transfusion Committee. On an average of 60 blood and blood components are issued to patients of this hospital. The blood donors who are identified positive in the screening tests are called back, counselled and referred for further medical advice.


The department is equipped with state of the art equipments installed in the department in commensurate with technological advances in blood component preparation and immuno-haematology. Facilities include state of art blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers, deep freezers, blood component separation refrigerated centrifuge, fully automated enzyme linked immuno assay system for infectious disease testing of donor blood, fully automated component extractor and sterile connection device to aid in pediatric low volume product separation, blood collection monitors and tube sealers, waiting room for donors with reading material, Television, soft music and a coffee counter. In addition we have the facility for mobile blood collection camps, counseling of Blood Donors and sending high risk donors and test reactive donors to ICTC for further follow up and management.

The department prepares and issues the following blood components:
  1. Red cell concentrates
  2. Platelet concentrates
  3. Fresh frozen plasma
  4. Cryoprecipitate
The department performs special investigation like
  1. Antibody screening
  2. Antibody identification
  3. Direct coombs test
  4. Indirect coombs test
  5. Rh antibody titration
  6. Evaluation of feto maternal blood group incompatibility
  7. Work up of immune hemolytic anemias.
And services like
  1. Therapeutic phlebotomy to patients with Polycythaemia and patients with hemochromatosis.
  2. Collect, prepare, store and issue autologous platelet rich plasma and
  3. Platelet poor plasma

The mission of the Department of Transfusion Medicine is to provide high-quality blood and blood products in support of hospital services and in support of clinical research programs, to pursue research that contributes to our knowledge and practice of transfusion medicine and related technologies.

A multidisciplinary team comprising physicians, technologists and support staff providing 24x7 Blood transfusion and diagnostic support services to all the patients at MGMC&RI.

Inauguration of Blood Donors clubs by on World Blood Donor Day 14th Jun, 2014. The department conducted two CMEs to bring about awareness about blood donation among general public on June 14th 2015 and october 1st 2015